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Windecker Woods Flower Farm

Experience the quiet and natural beauty of the county

If you’re heading through Haldimand County in the spring you should take some time and visit the scenic Windecker Woods Flower Farm. Since planting their first flowers in 2016, Windecker has shared with the public the beauty of their flower farm and expanded from selling flowers via word of mouth to opening their farm up to allow the public to cut their own flowers in 2019.

Petra Daly and her husband Tony are the minds behind Windecker Wood Flower Farm. Petra plants the flowers and arranges bouquets while Tony digs the flowerbeds and does the other heavy lifting. They work together to maintain the flower beds and assist their many customers while their three grown children help with promoting the farm over social media.

Windecker is located on a 21 acre farm that is primarily used to grow Christmas Trees, Flowers and other forest growth. If you visit the farm you might be visited by some of the ducks and other small farm animals that roam free and call Windecker home. During the Covid-19 pandemic many people flocked to Windecker to take advantage of the scenery and enjoy the outdoors while also cutting some flowers for themselves to take home. On top of offering the cut your own flowers service, Windecker also provides on site photography, locations for public picnics and flower arranging workshops.

The selection of what flowers you can cut depends on the timing of your visit, so it is important that you visit the farm multiple times a year so you can experience their full selection of gorgeous flowers. Usually the peonies are in bloom by mid May which is when Windecker opens for the season and a variety of perennials start to bloom in June. In July you can see many different kind of annuals, including Dahlias, Zinnias, Celosia, and sunflowers. As the weather gets colder the selection of flowers gets smaller but they will continue to bloom until the frost begins to hit. Usually the farm closes for the winter in mid October.

The cut your own flowers service is what makes Windecker stand out. Windecker provides shears and a basket and then it is up to you to stroll around the farm and cut the flowers you want. This allows you to take all the time you want to enjoy the beauty of the farm and bring home a piece of the farm yourself. This service is available in season from dusk to dawn, seven days a week . And best of all, Windecker does not have set prices for cutting flowers!

“We are unique in that we do not have a set price,” says Petra, the founder of Windecker Wood Flower Farm, “we ask our customers to place a value on the flowers they cut and the experience they had at our farm and leave what they think is a fair price.”

Because of the ever-changing selection at the farm, make sure you visit several times a year so you can get the full experience. And when restrictions are lifted be sure to sign up for a workshop where you can learn how to cut and arrange flowers. Until then, visit their website and social media to keep updated on when their flowers begin to bloom.

The Farm is located at 215 Windecker Road, Cayuga, Ontario

Contact: or call 905 973-1786

Discover what’s in season and the hours of operations:

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