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Riverbend Wood Stickers

Riverbend Wood Stickers is a company that makes customized stickers and are located in Dunnville, Ontario. Their experience started in 2010 in the sticker world, where they learned what it takes to give fun designs and quality products.

After printing normal stickers for some time, and seeing the need for a more eco-friendly solution to stickers, Riverbend branched out. Vinyl stickers and labels are not only toxic to produce but they also release toxins when they begin to break down. When a vinyl sticker that is outdoors breaks down it breaks into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic that will be around forever…let that sink in! Wood Stickers and labels are completely biodegradable, as the sticker starts to break down it decomposes and essentially becomes mulch.

Riverbend’s facility now has multiple printers, CNC machines and lasers engravers to cater and help create whatever customized design the customer desires!


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