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Gina Wilson-McIntee Designs

Gina Wilson-Mcintee is a visual artist and educator based in Dunnville, Ontario, along the beautiful Grand River in Haldimand County. Through her art, she has created organization logos, awards, community murals, and illustrated books. She is known as a community animator, with the unique ability to capture the spirit of a community, strengthen connections and bridge ideas through her images. Her message is of unconditional love for yourself and spreading it outward to your community.

Gina is also a thorough believer in preserving our water resources on Earth. Water is life, and without it, we would have nothing. Because we are so fortunate to live near many beautiful bodies of water (The Grand River, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario), we should be thankful and do all we can to preserve it.

Gina has worked on many projects that have great causes, and one that is specifically notable is the Paddle Art Tour through Haldimand. Paddles, created by children at Dunnville Secondary School, are then painted by local artists, and displayed at local landmarks. Artists are also able to purchase paddles, decorate them, and then re sell them. Some of these paddles are on display in local stores such as The Minga in Dunnville, and raise awareness about our local waterways.

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