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Daniel and Carmen Apothecary

With many years of experience in both business and wellness, Alycia knew that she could help to make a difference in the lives of many. What started out as a hobby quickly grew into a full-time and fulfilling career crafting home goods that are known for quality ingredients, while supporting local, Canadian and women-led businesses.

Alycia knew that she wanted help families live a more natural lifestyle, free of the many toxins and chemicals that are commonly found in home goods like candles. By crafting woodwick candles using organic ingredients such as coconut soy wax, essential oils and spanish oak, homeowners can look forward to a quality product that creates an exquisite aroma and caters to the health of their family members.

With help from our specialists at daniel & carmen apothecary co., you can find the perfect additions to your home, all while supporting businesses that are local, Canadian or women-led. You can also feel good about purchasing products that are crafted using natural ingredients and ethically-sourced materials.

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