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The Ultimate Virtual Haldimand County Experience: Richardson’s Farm and Market ‘Make-At -Home’ Breakfast Packages

Various Richardson's Farm and Market products including jam, maple beans, pancake mix, sausages, popcorn, maple syrup, and cast iron pan
By: Emmalee Nother

Bring the maple syrup bush to you! In Haldimand County, with the warm welcome of spring comes the quintessential Canadian experience – a trip to the maple sugar bush! Trees tapped, a crackling fire turning that clear sap into rich, golden maple syrup, and often a little time in the sugar shack to eat some sweet syrup smothered pancakes and maple sausages is an annual tradition for families, couples and maple syrup enthusiasts.

While many of us may not have access to the sugar bush this year, that doesn’t mean we have to miss out on all the sweetness and good, country cooking. Richardson’s Farm and Market is a family fun staple, located on the rural edge of Dunnville. Known far and wide for their exceptional maple syrup and farm fresh products, they wanted local families to be able to bring the taste and experience of the maple sugar bush right to their very own homes.

Richardson’s Farm offers Make at Home Breakfast packages filled with scrumptious local fare to make a sugar bush worthy meal right in your kitchen. Their signature homemade pancake batter (that also makes killer waffles), honey garlic sausages from Hanson Meats in Cayuga, and their down home baked beans that just cannot be beat are just some of the goodies you can choose from in their ‘Keep It Simple’, ‘Family’, ‘Deluxe’ and ‘Romance’ breakfast packages. You can choose what goodies you would like included to fit your family’s needs- like adding the sparking cider or one ( or two ) of their famous jams!

The minute you start cooking, the mouthwatering maple smells take over your house. The sweet scent gently fills the air and you might be the only one in the kitchen at first, but you’ll notice your family will start gathering in the kitchen one by one as they get mesmerized by the inviting smells reminiscent of the sugar bushes they know and love. Just like the sugar bush, everyone comes together where the pancakes are made, just follow your nose! The fluffiest pancakes you will ever make come from Richardson’s Farm and Market’s magical blend, perfect for soaking up all that syrupy goodness. Not a crumb will be spared.

One of my favourite little treats to pick up is their popcorn on the cob. Odd to think of adding it to your breakfast but trust us, mix a little bit of butter with some maple syrup or Richardson’s Farm and Market’s own maple butter and it’s a little slice of heaven-like maple sugar candy but with a twist!

It’s guaranteed that this Make at Home Breakfast will excite everyone involved and bring family together for a breakfast feast that celebrates everything that is local, maple and delicious.

To create your own sugar bush experience filled with local delectable, you can visit the Richardson’s Farm and Market website – It’s so good, you might just make it a Saturday morning breakfast ritual! You can also follow and browse their latest offerings on Instagram – @richardsonsfarmandmarket, and Facebook – Richardson’s Farm and Market

Haldimand County gratefully acknowledges  the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario’s (FedDev Ontario) support for tourism businesses in southwestern Ontario.

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