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The Forest Fit guided hiking tour is Southwestern Ontario’s latest outdoor activity to fill your days

Sharon Beaudet standing in the sun with her arms wide open.

Led by outdoor enthusiast and certified fitness instructor Sharon Beaudet, the Forest Fit Transformative Guest Experience is Southwestern Ontario’s latest immersive outdoor activity. If you’re tired of doing the same old same old, week after week, why not try something new? It might just be the antidote to the monotony of everyday life that you’ve been looking for.

In this hyper-stimulated, overworked, and online world, getting outside and connected with nature has never been more important. Whether rain or shine, Sharon will take you on an adventure through the forests and trails of Southwestern Ontario, sharing her knowledge and guidance of the region’s flora and fauna.

Sharon will guide walkers through the different landscapes of Haldimand County, lead a guided meditation, and share stories about the area and the region. If that’s not reason enough, here are five more reasons why you should take a walk on the wild side this weekend with Sharon’s Forest Fit Transformative Guest Experience:

Reconnect with nature

Be honest: when was the last time you really disconnected from the online world and spent some time in nature, with no distractions? Nowadays, with the constant presence of our smartphones, it’s almost impossible to really live in the moment.

Plus, the benefits of being in nature, amongst the trees, is scientifically proven. “Forest bathing” or “shinrin-yoku” was coined by the Japanese, and refers to spending mindful time in the forest. Benefits are both psychological and physiological, and include improved cardiovascular health, lowered blood pressure, and increased overall mental wellbeing. What’s not to love?

And instead of fighting technology, Sharon asks “why not embrace it?” She recommends that hikers use their smartphone to take pictures along their hiking journey. Afterward, guests can use various nature apps to identify plants, herbs, and more. Plus, guests can also document their nature journey through location GPS data which becomes embedded in each of their digital photographs.

A man holding a plant.

Make new friends

Nothing brings people together like a shared experience or challenge. With Forest Fit, you can book privately as a previously determined group, but you can also make a reservation just as one or as a couple of people. In this scenario, you’ll be grouped together with other like-minded individuals — people looking for adventure, who prioritize fitness, nature, and connection with the earth.

As you adventure through the beautiful landscapes of Haldimand County, you can get to know your new friends in a neutral setting, bonding over your shared passion for the outdoors.

Although the day lasts about three-to-four hours, the connections you end up making with likeminded outdoor enthusiasts are sure to last longer.

Learn about the local area

An important part of connecting with nature is learning about the flora and fauna that you see, smell, hear, and touch. As a local to the region with years of experience hiking through the forests and landscapes of Haldimand County, Sharon is very familiar with the unique plants and ecological life of the Carolinian forest.

With Forest Fit, you can learn which berries can and cannot be eaten, what are the best areas for mushroom foraging, and about the various tree species that are native to the land.

The next time you go hiking, be prepared to impress your friends and family with your breadth of knowledge. Not to mention, you’ll have some survival tricks up your sleeve in case of emergency for next time!

Try something new

Who was it that said you should try something new every day? Okay, so maybe every day is a bit much — but why not every weekend?

It’s easy to fall into the same routine, week after week, of going to the same park to walk your dog, or going to the same restaurant for the same meal for date night. If this sounds a bit too familiar to you, maybe this is your sign to mix it up!

During your day with Sharon, not only will you have a fun day in and of itself, but the adventure will also give you ideas for things to do for the weeks and weekends to come! Do the hike again with friends and family from out of town, share the knowledge you’ve gained with them, and continue with your newfound open-minded attitude.

Get healthy

Maybe this is self-explanatory, since it’s in the name itself — “Forest Fit” — but a day with Sharon is sure to fire up those glutes and get you started on your journey towards improved health.

From spending the whole day outdoors to hiking through the sometimes rugged landscapes of Southwestern Ontario, a full day of exercise is a great way to get outdoors and get healthy. Add in the guided meditation and the healthy lunch that is included — which is nutritious and organic — and you’re sure to leave the group at the end of the day feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and healthier than ever!

It’s not every day that you can gather with a local expert and a group of like-minded fitness and outdoor enthusiasts for a full day of fun, exercise, and connection. With the Forest Fit Transformative Guest Experience, that’s exactly what you’ll get, plus a whole lot more: survival skills, information about the local land, a guided meditative experience, a delicious lunch, and a stronger sense of connection to like-minded people and to the natural environment.

Sharon’s Forest Fit Transformative Guest Experience occurs on a weekly basis. For a schedule of events and locations and to reserve your spot, visit