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Meet the Makers: Naked. Soaps


Best friends and business partners Ashley Stoneman and Jessica Smoke created Naked Soaps as a way to celebrate their passion for all-natural products and to encourage their use. Specifically, Naked is focused on personal body and beauty care options. The wide-ranging selection of premium-quality handcrafted products offered by Naked encompasses an exciting assortment of beauty bars, skins lotions, bath bombs, facial scrubs, men’s care products, deodorant, lip balms, and much more. 

So, how exactly did this soapy adventure get lathered up in the first place? 

“Motherhood brought us together,” says Ashley. Both moms of young children, Ashley and Jessica found that there were just too many chemicals and additives in the soaps and bath products sold at grocery and drug stores. “When you actually take the time to read the labels of these mass-produced name brand cleaning and beauty products, it’s very eye-opening as to the huge amount of harmful, irritating, and toxic elements they can contain,” explains Jessica. 

Sharing the same vision of wanting to offer a better and healthier option, while still being affordable, Ashley and Jessica joined forces. Together, they decided to make their own all-natural soaps, sourcing ingredients known for their health and restorative advantages. 

“Basically, we’re just a couple of moms from Caledonia who have a passion for all-natural products,” says Ashley. “We test all of our own products on ourselves and we love to hear the feedback from our kids. If they don’t absolutely love it, we won’t sell it! It’s as simple as that.”

Adds Jessica, “You can rest assured that you will never find any potentially harmful or harsh ingredients – such as parabens – in our soaps. We named our company Naked because it’s a reflection of the basic all-natural purity of our products. We don’t use any preservatives or other additives that those big brands typically use.”

Beginning through word-of-mouth, Naked Soaps earned the trust of friends and acquaintances, steadily growing and expanding its network of customers. “Our clients have selected us to be their premium provider of natural soaps and beauty products because we have all the benefits of premium scented soaps, but without harsh chemicals that leave skin irritated, inflamed or cause rashes,” says Jessica. “Our products are simple and natural, the way it should be.”

Considering that the skin is the body’s largest organ, keeping it healthy is critical. “We formulate our soaps, scrubs, and lotions to not only be gentle on the skin, but to also help take care of it and nourish it,” explains Ashley. “No matter what age you are, taking good care of your skin is important.”

Not surprisingly, given the quality of its products and their health benefits, Naked has gained a loyal base of customers not only here in Haldimand but other regions as well. “Since we sell our complete line of products online, we’ve attracted customers from throughout Ontario and Canada,” says Jessica. Customers love the way our products leave their skin feeling soft and cleaner than those big brand products you find at the grocery store. Our lineup of soaps is especially popular with those who have sensitive or dry skin since the ingredients we use don’t dry out or irritate the skin.” 

Looking for a unique gift for someone special? Naked also offers personalized gift baskets packed with a bounty of all-natural products – the perfect way to say that you really care. “We love hearing from our customers and what they’re looking for, whether it’s for themselves or to give as a gift,” notes Jessica. “Have a great idea for a custom gift package? Simply email us with your ideas and we’ll work with you to build a custom gift package.” 

Being best of friends, Ashley and Jessica continually challenge and inspire each other to come up with new and exciting products. “We really enjoy working and creating together, and I think that is reflected in the products we make,” says Ashley. “To be honest, I don’t know what we would do without each other. Our business really is an equal partnership.” 

​Ashley and Jessica welcome you to browse and learn all about what makes their natural products so unique and special. Simply visit “If you have any questions about ingredients or available products, just contact us at your convenience and we’ll be happy to answer all of your questions,” says Jessica.

Currently, pick-up is preferred for purchased products, but if it’s more convenient, Ashley and Jessica do offer delivery throughout the Caledonia and surrounding areas. “We can ship anywhere as well,” adds Jessica. “Just contact us for complete shipping details and we’ll be happy to accommodate whatever works best for our customers.”


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