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Submit your gifts, events, and experiences to be included in the Haldimand Holiday Wish Book Campaign, featuring Haldimand’s handmade, artisan & craftsman-made products, local retail products for sale, as well as service-oriented gift certificates, for the holiday season. (Independent operated businesses only, no chain stores).

Promotions include a website listing, social media campaign as well as a printed version of the guide, which will be mailed to every household in Haldimand. There is NO COST to participate. The printed guide is limited in space and businesses will be selected by the marketing company, based on mix of products, quality of photos, and description provided. Business must have an online presence as your listing will link directly to your website, Facebook page, or another site like Etsy (contact us if you don’t have any online presence as we can assist you through our Digital Service Squad).

See sample listing below.

Holiday Wish Book
Name of person completing this form:
Name of person completing this form:
Your business must be located in Haldimand County to be eligible to participate in this promotional campaign.
Does your business use the following platforms – Check all that apply!

Your Products / Services / Experiences / Events

Products should have ample supply available. Please feature products that people would buy for gifts over the holiday season. PLEASE limit to your top 2 products available. Describe your experience or event.
Do you offer Gift Certificates?
Can the products or experience above be purchased on-line?
Is your product made in Haldimand?
Maximum upload size: 134.22MB
Our marketing agency will select the best photos and mix of products to be used in the printed guide. All others will be featured in our online directory and social media posts.
Do you need help with product photos? Our Digital Service Squad can provide assistance.
We have photo light-boxes to get the best product photo’s. Let our Digital Service Squad member help get great photos to promote your business and use in this campaign.


I give permission to Tourism Haldimand to use photo’s from our social media accounts for this campaign..
Consent for Photos & Information:
Consent provided includes the use of your company name and contact information and description of services, products, and/or experiences you provided above, in any promotional materials, website, social media, and/or other and any way deemed necessary to promote Shop Haldimand marketing.
Business in Good Standing Confirmation:
Business is in good standing in Haldimand County. If you operate a home-based business – I have read the “Home-Based Business, Home Industry” and “Home-Based Business, Home Occupation” as defined in the link above and confirm my ‘business’ is a secondary use on the residential property.

Should you have any questions on the above form, please contact us at or by phone at 905-318-5932 ext. 6352