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Explore Haldimand County’s vibrant tapestry of local businesses, where every visit promises encounters with warm smiles, rich history, and captivating hidden treasures. Whether you’re strolling through charming streets or indulging in culinary delights from a sunny patio, there’s always something delightful waiting to be discovered just around the corner.

Discover your happy today.

New to Town

From savoring a freshly brewed cup of coffee to finding the perfect ensemble at boutique clothing stores, these new businesses are poised to become beloved staples. Whether you’re seeking a caffeine fix to start your day or a fashion-forward statement piece, Haldimand County’s burgeoning entrepreneurial spirit ensures there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

From Selkirk to Caledonia, there are new business to explore!

Coffee From the Social Inside of Passmores Diner Wild Ginger Boutique

Breakfast Anyone?

No matter if it’s the crack of dawn or the lazy late mornings, these breakfast spots are primed to tantalize your taste buds and kickstart your day with delicious delights. From fluffy pancakes kissed with syrup to hearty omelets bursting with savory fillings, these establishments ensure that every sunrise is met with a feast worth savoring.

No matter what time of day, these breakfast spots deliver!

wrap from the Carolinian cafe Sunflower in field Shelly's Dining

Farmers Markets

When it comes to food, fresh is best. Haldimand has a plethora of farmers putting in the time and hard work to provide the freshest produce.

Learn more about Farmers Markets by going on the Farm Fresh & Home Grown page or the Events Calendar 

Fruits and Vegtables at Farmers Market
Image of a farmer in a field sampling strawberries

Richardson’s Farm & Market

Fresh From the Farm

The farm experience extends beyond just fresh produce. Enjoy the simple pleasures of picking your own vibrant flowers, creating bouquets that bloom with charm and personal flair. Additionally, immerse yourself in the farm-to-table journey by selecting premium cuts of meat straight from the source, ensuring each meal is infused with the wholesome goodness of locally raised livestock.

Cut Your Own Flowers 

Locally Crafted Meats

Visit the Farm 

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) in Haldimand County fosters a symbiotic relationship between farmers and the community, providing members with a direct link to locally grown, seasonal produce. By joining a CSA program, residents not only enjoy a bounty of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables but also actively support sustainable farming practices and strengthen the local food system.


A woman holds a bucket of blueberries Farm stand with people selling corn woman squats down in a field of green lettuce

Community Creations

In Haldimand County, creativity flourishes through  many mediums. From intricate jewelry crafting that captures the essence of beauty to masterful woodworking projects that bring family joy and memories, artisans here infuse their work with care. Painters are also inspired by the various waterways and landscapes that are bountiful in the area.

Be inspired and take home handmade creations from local businesses.

Facets Jewelry LVW Creative Barracks Michaud Toys

Trailblazing Routes

Love nature and the outdoors? You’re in the right place – Haldimand offers kilometres of trails, cycling routes, and pathways to explore. From short, scenic strolls in a park to multi-kilometre hikes within the Trans Canada Trail System.

Learn more about trails & pathways and cycling routes.

Couple holding hands walking down a trail in the woods A photographer leans on a railing overlooking tall grass to take a picture

Public Art  Tour Haldimand (PATH)

Gina Wilson-Mcintee knows water is life, which inspired her to help lead the PATH project, showcasing local talent and resident’s perspectives on our waterways. Works of art designed by members of the community can be found all over the county which add brightness and cheer to every town.

Learn more about PATH.

Museum with Paddle Paddle in Lafourtune Park Gina Wilson McIntee with paddle

History and Culture

Haldimand County’s many cultural sites offer a captivating journey through the region’s rich history and heritage. From immersive exhibits showcasing Victorian artifacts to insightful displays detailing the area’s agricultural past, these museums provide visitors with a compelling insight into the diverse narratives that have shaped Haldimand County over many years.

Each museum tells a different story, and has knowledgeable curators who will gladly answer your questions.


Grand Trunk Museum Canadian Drilling Rig Museum woman in period costume drinks tea

Discover Tranquility

Whether unwinding with a stroll through lavender fields or finding solace in the lush greenery of the Carolinian forests and tranquil countryside, you are invited to immerse yourself in moments of pure relaxation amidst our picturesque landscapes.

After visiting these relaxing escapes, you are sure to return once again.

Iron Spirit Services Bluewater Flower Farm A woman holds flowers in a bucket

Discover Adrenaline

Adrenaline enthusiasts will find an array of exhilarating adventures to get their hearts racing. From thrilling fishing adventures on Lake Erie to speedy dream car driving, the county is a playground for those seeking high-octane experiences.

In Haldimand County, adrenaline adventurers can satisfy their craving for excitement through all these thrilling activities, which are sure to make you come back for more.

TMP Cars Twisted Lemon Fishing in the Grand River

Cheers to Haldimand

Boasting a burgeoning craft beverage scene, you will be enticed with an array of locally-produced wines, beers, and ciders.

2024 Canadian Brewing Awards GOLD Winners:

Concession Road Brewery

Concession Road Brewery opened in a charming old Jarvis firehall with just three beers on tap. It now features
11 beers on tap – from light to dark, sours to seltzers, and even beer-inspired cocktails. Its taproom is a community hub, hosting a variety of events, while also offering a place to unwind.

Oranje Son Brewing

Owner and brewmaster Stephen Rodermond has a passion for making beer with hundreds of craft brews under
his belt. While one of Ontario’s smallest breweries – working in small batches with a very hands-on approach and all natural ingredients – they have beers of all types to satisfy any tastes.


Man and woman smiling and holding beer at Concession Road Brewing Bains Road Cider a light and dark beer in glasses

Sweet Tooth

Sugary indulgences abound, with local confectioners offering an array of irresistible treats to satisfy every craving. From creamy ice cream to delicate pastries and chocolates crafted with care, everyone can indulge their sweet tooth.

The vast array of sweets ensure that every craving is met with a delicious delight.

Jones Bakery outside view My Sweet Sweet World Sweet Retro-Spect Popcorn