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Haldimand has limitless opportunities to experience the blissfulness of nature. Guided experiences throughout the county can help you recharge, reduce stress, reconnect you to the natural world, and introduce you to the bounty of flora and fauna of Haldimand.
Bird Banding

Take bird watching to the next level and help save endangered species. Banding birds with a unique 9-digit number allows for birds to be identified if found in the future, and allows conservationists to gather information such as species, sex, age, wing length, fat stores, weight, muscle mass, and overall condition of the bird. The banding information gathered helps conservationists determine trends and at-risk populations.


Ruthven Park National Historic Site

Bird migration in spring and fall makes for a hive of activity at Ruthven Park National Historic Site’s licensed bird banding station. Using large mist nets to safely trap birds, you can hold a bird while an expert bands a tracking tag on its leg. Help discover new species in the area. In 2018, Ruthven Park added these nine species to its sightings list: Lesser Yellowlegs, Chimney Swift, Wood Thrush, Northern Parula, Blackburnian Warbler, Ovenbird, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Lincoln’s Sparrow, and Eastern White-crowned Sparrow.

Bird sitting on a hand Bird sitting on a hand Bird sitting on a hand

Create memories on one of several of Haldimand’s guided equestrian tours! Take lessons or hone your advanced skills with professional training. This is your opportunity to hit the trails on a leisurely trek along a forest path. Forge a relationship with these highly sensitive animals that are used both for recreation and for therapy.

Fox Lair Stables

No matter if you’re a city slicker or seasoned rider, Fox Lair Stables has an equestrian adventure that will suit your needs. Enjoy great guided trail rides through the bush on the 100-acre property. Rides are by appointment for individuals or groups and vary in length from 1-4 hours. Sign up the kids for pony rides or summer camp.

Iron Spirit Services

Experience some one-on-one time with one of Iron Spirit Service’s happy horse friends or jump in on one of their “Me Days” where you can enjoy time with a group working with horses, chatting over light refreshments, and experiencing a relaxing art project. Beginner riding lessons, and handling, and barn safety including tacking up and obstacle work are also available.

A woman and a horse Horse and foal grazing Horses nuzzling their faces together
Grand River Rafting

Where the steamships used to run on the Grand River – a 10km York to Cayuga Paddle Experience

Book the Grand River Rafting Steamboat Alley Experience.

Choose to paddle a Turbo Tube, Kayak, Paddleboard, Yak, Tandem Kayak or Canoe.

The adventure begins at Kinsman Park in Cayuga (61 Ouse St S. Cayuga) where you park, get outfitted, and receive a map talk of your trip, then you are shuttled upstream to the old steamship village of York… where you paddle back to your vehicle.

There is no waiting for a return pickup… because your trip ends where your car is parked!

There are washrooms & picnic tables at the beginning and end, plus across the road is the York Country Store for snacks!

Advanced Reservations are required because of limited capacity.

Open June 1 til September 22, 2024

Hours of Operation are Saturday, Sunday, and Holiday Mondays

Explore the Grand River and Lake Erie

The nature in Haldimand is second to none. Explore the mighty Grand River and Lake Erie for aquatic wildlife on these guided adventures.

Grand River Dinner Cruises

Take a relaxing dinner cruise down the Historic Grand River and appreciate the beautiful river scenery. Grand River Dinner Cruises offers lunch or dinner excursions for individuals or groups. Sunsets are especially lovely and the promenade deck that surrounds the dining area allows everyone to stroll the deck or sit in the cabin and enjoy the views.

Forest Fit

Guided hiking experiences that will leave you connected with nature, and feeling energized.

Grab some friends, family, or loved ones and join in an invigorating hike with Forest Fit, and have a one-of-a-kind experience! Take a vigorous stroll at a quick pace along an inland river trail, just before the sun dips down. Or choose a slower pace with a thoughtful meditation, reflection through nature journaling, and progressive wellness moments.

Photo of a group with a fire in the foreground Photo of a bowl of food served outdoors Photo of a group hiking a snowy trail