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Beat the Heat in Haldimand County

An image of a woman sitting on a dock in summer, dangling her feet over the edge.

Summer Heat

           Summer 2023 has been breaking world records for the hottest days of the year, and temperatures don’t seem to be going down anytime soon. While some of us live for those hot summer days when we can lounge around the pool, listening to our favourite tunes and drinking our favourite cocktails, not everyone has the same ideas of “fun.” We wanted to bring some game changers to help you beat the heat this summer and enjoy the last few weeks before the cold comes creeping back. 


           Growing up, I couldn’t wait for Haldimand County to open up their pools. My friends and I would gather up and walk over for a public swim, and those were some of my favourite days of the year (even though we would go almost every day). Haldimand County Pools offer a range of swimming programs, like their public, family, and fitness swims. All three of these programs are offered at the Dunnville, Caledonia and Hagersville pools and are free for residents. Still, a $5 per person fee is administered at the Caledonia pool for non-residents. Each program runs at different times for each pool, so check HERE , the Spring/Summer 2023 Playbook, for the time, pool and program that works best for you. 


 If you have little ones or pools aren’t quite your thing, Haldimand County has two splash pads and a wading pool that are open seasonally. The splash pads are located in Hagersville and Caledonia, open 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and are only steps away from the pools. Both splash pads include many above-ground features to keep visitors cool while creating new ways to play for the little ones. If the wading pool is more your style, you can find it at Central Park in Dunnville, open 11 a.m.-3 p.m. 

For more information on Haldimand County aquatics, visit HaldimandCounty.Ca .

Sweet Treats

Who doesn’t like a sweet treat on a hot summer day? No one, ever, that’s who. And let me tell you, you’re in luck here in Haldimand because we have a few “hidden” gems waiting for you to visit this summer season. 

           Cravings by Brittany is a small bake shop in Cayuga that carries not only every sweet treat you could imagine but many local products from other small businesses in the area. One thing that has taken Cayuga by storm this season is the new featured items Brittany has been cooking up in her bake shop. One being her mouthwatering sundaes, scoops of delicious ice cream, the new cafe crema and their flavorful popsicles. If it’s sweet, you can find it here!

           Hewitt’s Dairy Bar in Hagersville is a great place to stop on those hot summer days. Home of the famous ice cream, Hewitt’s Dairy Bar does more than scoop; they have sundaes, milkshakes, goat milk ice cream, frozen yogurt and sherbet! With over 60 flavours of their famous ice cream and five flavours of their goat milk ice cream, there will surely be a sweet treat at Hewitt’s for everyone.  

Located in Dunnville and need a place to grab a scoop? The Grand River Marina & Café serves Hewitt’s ice cream, available in a cup, cone, milkshake or sundae. They also do soft serve ice cream, available in chocolate, vanilla or swirl! Located right on the Grand River, this is a great spot to sit and enjoy a delicious summer treat. 

           Riverside Eatery Scoops, located in Caledonia, scoops over 25 Shaw’s Dairy ice cream flavours. They also serve old-fashioned milkshakes, Soda-Fountain Floats, sundaes and banana splits! Located at the Caledonia Fairgrounds, stop by on Thursdays around 3 p.m. to grab a delicious scoop, shake or float and then peruse the farmers market, which is open until 7 p.m. 

Maybe ice cream isn’t quite hitting the spot, but a slushy would. Try Main West Scoops in Fishersville! Serving not only slushies but ice cream, soft serve and sundaes. They also offer plant-based and no-sugar-added ice cream options available in sweet flavours like cookies and cream. 


         Patios are also a great way to relax and cool down on hot summer days. We all look forward to grabbing a bite to eat with a deliciously refreshing drink in the summer months. So why not grab a friend, family member or your favourite person to hit the patios with and enjoy it while the warm weather is still around? 

The Twisted Lemon is a staple in the Cayuga Community, offering experience packages, delicious cocktails, blind taste test menus and tasting boards. Dining at the Twisted Lemon is more than just a delicious meal; it’s an experience and a great one, too! With their patio being just as beautiful as the restaurant’s interior, it is never a dull moment. The best way to beat the heat here is with their Clarity cocktails. Available only at the Twisted Lemon, their clarity cocktails are “liquid alchemy” as they require no mixing or shaking. All you have to do is pour them over ice, and voila! It’s a delicious cocktail. Available for purchase online, these are an even better way to stay cool this summer while at home. 

Hoover’s Marina & Wharfside Restaurant in Nanticoke also has an extraordinary patio spanning two levels on Lake Erie. There is no better way to beat the summer heat than sitting outside, sipping an ice-cold drink, feeling the cool breeze from the water and enjoying a delicious appetizer. I recommend the buffalo lamb lollipops with a blue cheese drizzle; they are my favourite on the menu. 

Hippo’s at Mohawk Marina also sits on Lake Erie in Lowbanks. Only steps away from the water, Hippo’s patio makes you feel like you are at a resort on an island, and with this summer heat, the feeling couldn’t be more authentic. Hippo’s also has a separate bar where you can get almost any drink you can think of. Their perch tacos are to die for, but don’t just take my word for it; try them yourself!

Located in Hagersville? Try Plank Road Taps and Grill. They have a beautiful patio, perfect for mid-day and evening dining! Their patio always has the best view for sunsets, and who wouldn’t love sitting outside with their friends, enjoying Plank Road’s new summer cocktails as the sun sets? I know it’s on my bucket list before summer ends! Try one of their purple pleasers, hot summer nights, golfers green dream or Moscow mule to beat the heat.


Did you know that Haldimand County is home to two provincial parks and one of Canada’s largest outdoor pools? Spending the day in one of these parks will keep you cool, whether at the beach or in the pool! 

           Rock Point Provincial Park is located on Dunnville’s outskirts and is available for camping and day use! You must purchase a car parking pass on your way into the park, and then you are all set for the day. Rock Point has a number of trails and activities, perfect for all ages. There are day-use spots for cooking, eating and relaxing and a convenience store. But the best part is the beach access you will have all day! There is no better way to beat the heat than having the best beach day of the season. 

           Selkirk Provincial Park is also available for camping and day use and has many of the same amenities as Rock Point! One big difference between the two parks is that Selkirk offers kayak and canoe rentals. You can start your paddle at the creek, paddling through to see wildlife like never before and head out into Lake Erie to enjoy the beautiful open water. This is a fun summer activity for those who enjoy being on the water but love some adventure! But don’t worry, Selkirk has a beach for when you’re done and need to cool off from the summer sun. 

           Byng Conservation area, located just outside Dunnville, is also accessible for camping and day use. It is also the home of Canada’s largest outdoor swimming pool, which will help you beat this summer’s heat. Not only does the pool have space for you and all of your friends, but it also has a splash pad and a diving board. 


            This summer will surely be hot, but hopefully, these “cool” ideas keep you out of the heat and cool as a cucumber. From sweet treats to pools and patios, Haldimand County has a heat wave activity for everyone, and we hope that you have time to enjoy a few of them. Whether you are an avid activity lover, a foodie at heart or even a homebody, one of these suggestions is sure to keep you cool, and we want to hear from you! Post a picture at one of these locations using the hashtag #visithaldimand for a chance to be featured on our socials!